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Hello! I'm Muna, a Licensed Physical Therapist and Pilates Instructor

As founder and care provider of The Center of Medical Arts, it is my personal goal to make every client and patient of ours a part of the solution or goal you choose to adopt…and not just the recipient of our skills, therapies, and advice.

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Muna Swairjo, MSPT, Cert DN , CI

Founder & Care Provider

Emad Sanuos MSPT, with vast experience in out patient and inpatient care. Joined our Practice extending his services of manual therapy techniques and extensive physical therapy evaluations.

Emad Sanuos MSPT

Physical Therapist

Beth Goodman Massage therapist, has been a full time practicing therapeutic licensed massage therapist since 1992 and esthetician since 1994. She holds a BS in psychology and sociology which helped her working with medically complex patients. She loves being part of the unique holistic team assembled at CMA and looks forward to bringing high quality deep tissue body work to her clients.

Beth Goodman, B.S.

Massage Therapist

Curtis Steen LMT, PT

Personal fitness Coach / Massage Therapist

Sophie Leon-Argue,  Pilates Reformer Instructor. She is expert in her creative classes to challenge the mind and body with modifications for individuals' limitations. She  found pilates reformer to be transformative for the body and mind, becoming an instructor has allowed her to share her passion with others.  her experience is 2+ Professionally Instructing, 8 Years As A Reformer Junky.“Pilates is a journey everyone can enjoy, with each session they learn new techniques, improve their form, strengthen their bodies, and feed their souls.” said Sophie . Beside being a Mother of two boys you will find her making amazing meal plans, and bringing laughter to the room

Sophie Leon-Argue

Pilates Reformer Instructor

Heather whitehouse, Pilates Reformer Instructor,

Heather Whitehouse

Pilates Reformer Instructor

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